Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Girl molested at countdown party

Actual news & video here.

Guys will really just stand around and watch girl(s) being molested? O_O


the girl with tiny feet that plays the piano. said...

well... there ARE more than enough idiotic male species around~ lol

Himmat Singh said...

Well, I am not one of those who will stand and watch the show unfold before me eyes. I'd do something, thats for sure.

Anyways, this is an absurd incident.

jfook said...

Sad. Our society is sick I guess?

Kelvin said...

lol. the girl appeared to be so enjoying, no wonder no one went up to help, not even girls themselves. Fyi, some of the ones filming the clips with handphones is girls.
Wonder why only the guys are being reprimanded for not helping.

cr3ap said...

For your info, first off there are many pictures and bloggers stating that the girl is drunk. If she is drunk and high, then it's her own fault for not taking care of herself.

Secondly, she is a he actually :D. Search more info, and you will see that she is a he :D. Why those indians are molesting a HE anyway :D

Regards from cr3ap