Friday, March 5, 2010

How about some pictures of a man's dick?

4 years ago, we have Tammy from NYP that leaked the infamous video

This year we have another from RP.

Is Singapore going to have more representative from other polytechnics? Lol!
What if this happen to a guy being the one fully naked? Would anyone care?


kenwooi said...

o.O coz men's thingy not nice to be seen? lol..

theeggyolks said...

I'm kindof agree with kenwooi =_="

Pek Chek Kia said...

i guess mostly only interested with guy's external affairs than his dick XD

taufulou said...

ahhh, another scandalous act..~ i guess this year very heng! because of tiger year, must start to thank to Tiger Woods for brining up the trend ah..~ :D

him 1st, then Asley cole, then now Jack

Personal Trainer Singapore said...

very nice picture.. :)