Sunday, June 26, 2011

You are who you are, so love yourself more.

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Challenge #2: My blog, my style

Frankly speaking, I have no style, not pretty, not smart or whatever, so I tend to wish for alot of things which I can't really attain.As I grow older, I realised these 4 things:

(Whether if you are smart or not,it depend on if you are working hard enough.)
(Money is external material.)
(Special talent is God's gift.)
(Whether if you are well like or not, it depend on your capabilities.)

So instead of sitting in agony all the time, I have decided to work hard to earn more money. I am not talented but doodling is still a special gift to me. Whether I am well like or not, it is not important as long as I love myself more than others. I used to care for others more than myself but end up getting hurt more. I don't mean I am going to be more selfish from now on but I just learn how to protect myself more. :)

Oh well, I do still have simple dreams that I wish it will come true... Watch video to find out...

Just to let you guys know, 1 of the things that I am require to do for this 2nd challenge is to include a video clip in my blog entry. The first thing that came to my mind is... "WAO.... DIE LA!" The reason is because I am not good in doing/taking/making any videos! Moreover, I still managed to come out with a simple video clip! *Cheers to myself* Haha!

I always taught myself that, regardless of how tough a task can be, 
with the best of my limited ability I will still do it and 
I will never give up! 

Before I end this entry, if you are curious on how the real little nini look like... Here is 1 picture of myself, looking like a smart alec. Haha!


P/S: Thanks to wacky artz for pointing out my spelling mistakes for my video =p It is a honest mistake! Lol!


Soh Hong Wei said...

I am who i am.
Very true!

And good luck in the Singapore Blog Award! =)

dori_lukey said...

cehh who say not pretty, cuz i think you are! and all the best!

Kelvin said...

Voted for u:)
Glad u love urself so much :)

ken said...

gotta be contented with life, and dream of doing something better.. :)

p/s: first time seeing your own photo here eh? :)

Anonymous_X said...

Well, to quote Popeye, "I yam what I yam and tha's all what I yam."


Brocade Blue said...

finally, a clean white layout..i was going blind reading blogs with too much color