Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally, I am feeling happy today!

I really wish to thank all visitors! Without you, I'd have already lost my motivation to blog!

FYI: I am nominated in the Best Y Bloggist Blog category for Singapore blog awards 2011 organised by!Please continue to show your support by voting for me here! Hehe! Thank you very much!


ken said...

congrats and all the best..
quite nice ah SG acknowledges good blogs and promotes them..

here in Malaysia, you have to be famous in order to be acknowledged.. :/

Gr@c3 said...

Girl, I love your blog. Very interesting.
Keep it . I wil always visit ur blog =)

Anonymous_X said...

very well done! surely wil vote for you. :)

Ang Jing Wei said...

You're the only other comic/art blogger in the Y bloggist category! Congrats and all the best! :D

TaMy said...

will continue to vote for you until closing date k! jia-you! =)