Sunday, June 12, 2011

Youth - 1 red heart burning with passion

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I am seriously feeling very worn out after my 5.5 days of work. Being an event executive is really not as easy as it seems. Other than making sure that the program has to been run smoothly, we still have alot of paper work to do! We have to plan, do a proposal and quotation for our client. So passion is definitely the RED hot key word that keep me burning and continue to come out with this blog entry.

So the reason for me to pick red, as the colour is very simple, red stands for passion. Youth these days are more passionate than ever and this passion is more than just love and lust.

In love, our youth no longer feel shy about telling our significant others how we feel about them, we no longer afraid to go after the one we love. In this generation, even girls go all out to get the guy she loves. It is better to try and lost than never.

Most youth dare to be themselves. Passion is something comes from our inner self. When we have a passion for something, we simply attempt up to the last resort to go for our goal without realizing the difficulties that will come in our way. If sports are your passion you will work hard to maintain your goals and achievement. BUT don't confuse passion with obsession!

Regarding our national issue, if you have followed this year election very closely, you'd have realised that our youth are no longer just a keyboard warrior. We dare to vote for a difference (of course, I know it is still not enough). But well, it is good enough to show that we are no longer a group 'heck care' kids. I also know people are under 21 years show concern about issues surrounding us in this tiny island.

On a lighter note... WHO DOESN'T LOVE ANGRY BIRDS? HAHA! Beside the youngster loves playing angry bird on their iphone, angry bird does very much represent our youth. Angry birds look like they’re glaring and pissed all the time, and they are really fed-up about their stolen eggs. We, the youth are forever angry (angst) about something but we never stop trying (perseverance). Life is like a game, from this game we learn that there is no one way to win a game, we need to have a strategy, resilience and learn from our mistakes in order to avoid history to repeat itself.

Youth these days are definitely the fortunate group of people that we practically complaint about every single thing. When it rains, we complaint. When weather is too hot, we complaint too. I want to complaint! Why being one of the top 10 bloggers in the Best Y Bloggist category in this year's Singapore Blog Awards 2011, I have to crack my brain to write this entry! Haha! Just kidding =p

Lastly, our youth is the generation that spends most of our time online and facebook has become our 'daily needs'. We surf facebook to look at our friends' status and photos. We also use facebook to stalk people but it is not always for a bad reason. All thanks to facebook, I manage to roughly know the background of some of my colleagues. From there, I learn what to say and what not to say to them when we are having a conversation. Facebook is probably the first thing we surf when we wake up and before we sleep. We surf till our PC burns with flame... Alright, not so serious, the most your PC will get too tired and refuse to boot up the next time you use it =p

In a nutshell, we youth are the young, energetic, bold and loud. Most of all, we are people with passion! We shall continue to burn until we are all burnout!

p.s: Remember to take a break when you are burnout! Heh!


Theeggyolks said...

wow! very passionate aye >_< I guess this is the longest post you've ever written! Nice :D

Anonymous_X said...

We, the youth are forever angry about something but we never stop trying.

Well said. One word: angst. One word: reckless. One word: perseverence.

Uhm, altogether 3 words actually. :|


Kristin said...

Theeggyolks- Haha! Yes! This is the first time I spend so much time thinking about this blog entry! Normally the comic I drew is self explanatory but this time I feel that there is a need to further elaborate =D

Anonymous_X - Thanks! =D Nice used of words.

Ang Jing Wei said...

Hey just wondering, did you send your link to there's no confirmation reply so im not sure if it's the correct email to send to. thanks. :D

ken said...

the word-ious post ever.. haha..
passion is one of the things that keep us going and achieve things in life.. i love angry birds, but i dont play it on an iPhone coz i dont have one.. i play on Chrome! :P

TaMy said...

Voting for Little Nini for the S'pore Blog Awards!! Jia You!! =)